Death of a Salesman

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Willy Loman got lost in chasing the American Dream. As a salesman in the concrete jungle, Willy had unrealistic aspirations which left him “boxed in”. He is surrounded by high rising skyscrapers which engulf not only him but his whole family. Because of this Willy has a false sense of the American Dream and in trying to achieve it, he fails. The skyscrapers and his own references to being “boxed in” serve as a metaphor for his life. He chased after riches and materialistic possessions rather than his own happiness which consequently led to his death. Willy lives in a house which has “towering, angular shapes” surrounding it. These buildings represent the American Dream and all the fortune that it can bring. His house is amid an “orange glow” which represents the pollution of the city’s high rising buildings. Just like how his home is inferior to the skyscrapers’ pollution, Willy is to the American Dream. He is a slave of the philosophy that surrounds him, and he will never achieve what others have. The tall buildings and closing in on the “fragile-seeming” home and they are overpow...
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