Death of a Salesman

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The Loman’s complicated views of success make it hard to achieve happiness: Willy and Happy are focused on Willy’s dream of money and popularity, while Biff is willing to tell the truth, and admit that being a salesman is not the right job for any of them. Willy’s idea that success comes from popularity and wealth is something he just can’t achieve, and he has been lying to himself for so long that he has become delusional. Willy’s dreams of success are inspired by the life of his deceased brother Ben who quickly became a very wealthy man in life. Ben being his hero, bringing Willy to build his own twisted definition to success that is closely related to the classic “American dream”. To Willy, success means wealth, a happy family, big house, popularity, and to be praised. For example, Willy tells his sons “Be liked and you will never want.”-pg 33. It shows that Willy has an obsession with popularity and being considered superior. This shows up in his perception of success. Though despite his best efforts, Willy’s dream has not brought him any good nor happiness, in fact it has made him a monster. He no longer has any sense of reality, and essentially lies his ways through life. In the scene where Happy and Biff take Willy out to dinner, Willy tells them “I was fired, and I’m looking for a little good news to tell your mother, because the woman has waited and the woman has suffered. The gist of it is that I haven’t got a story left in my head Biff. So don’t give me a lecture about facts and aspects. I am not interested. Now what’ve you got to say to me?”-pg 107. This clearly shows that Willy is not only lying to his wife, but also to himself. It seems that despite all the bad experiences he has while trying to chase his dreams,... ... middle of paper ... ... Even with a tragic ending, the boys learned something. Willy was a good man, but his dreams took him away from himself and his family. But the “American dream” is different for everybody, though Willy only saw one. The boys learned that there is so much more to life than being a salesman, and although their father was wrong to take away their options, he was a good man and he loved his sons very much. As Charley says, “Nobody dast blame this man. A salesman is got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory.”
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