Death Sentence

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Capital punishment is sometimes referred to as the death penalty in the US and it the lawful infliction of the death sentence. In the year 2003, the punishment was still in use in various states in the US as a mode of deterring offenders from committing serious offences. Perhaps this is the case because of the fact that in many jurisdictions and not only the US consider Capital punishment as an effective way of reducing the serious offences even though despite the numerous complaints that have been echoed in various quarters. The penalty may be achieved by use of numerous ways, different states use different ways to carry out these sentences and it depends on the laws of that state. Some of the methods that can be employed include hanging, the use of poisonous gas, through injections, by a firing team and electrocution.
The law and development of death penalty
The death punishment that can be passed must be prescribed by the law is governed by the Eighth Amendment which was made to the US constitution. By virtue of these changes to the Constitution, the punishment can only be inflicted to aggravated murderers and the accused should be of sound mind.
To understand the punishment, it is important to understand how it was first initiated in the US. The punishment was for many years the prescribed penalty imposed for felonies which are committed under the United Kingdom Common Law. During the verge of industrial revolution when the Europeans invaded America, the Common Law principles were introduced and the death penalty was introduced. In the US the first ever execution made under the colony was at Jamestown colony in the year 1608. Capital sentencing was also made common during times of revolution and it has been record...

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...For the last 10 years the number of executed inmates is 474. Race and gender are also important. On gander, only 12 women have executed since 1976. On racial percentage many whites have been executed . However, the execution rate in the population shows that more African-Americans are being executed. Lastly, many states prefer the use lethal injection as a mode of execution .

It is no doubt that the issues of death sentencing is a controversial issue, many activists in the US and all over the world have been pressuring the government to abolish the sentence. There is also pressure from international bodies and rules such as the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 provide freedom of life. Due to the emergence and expansion of human rights watch and activists it will be important to observe if the death execution laws will abolished.
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