Death Penalty Solution Essay

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Death Penalty Murder, someone on this earth is murdered every 60 seconds. Not just accidentally killed. but the victim of cold blooded, brutal, premeditated murder. Is this acceptable? I say no, this is an intolerable number. Those members of society who are responsible for these heinous crimes should be brought to justice; the death penalty is one solution to this problem. In the 1600’s the death penalty was first instituted when “William the Conqueror” allowed those who had committed murder to be hung for their crimes. One would think twice about committing murder if the penalty was death, right? Due to crime growing exponentially, it would seem that drastic measures need to be taken in an attempt to minimize or end these unforgivable…show more content…
. The death penalty is a punishment that can be used in cases of extreme offence such as: murder, terrorism, drug trafficking, and aggravated kidnapping. Reasons for the death penalty are simply to eliminate the offender so that he or she does not have the opportunity to offend the law again. By using the death penalty criminals don 't have the opportunity to go into a prison system where they can harm or injure other inmates or guards in that facility (Death Penalty). Statistics show that violent crime offenders are rarely capable of true change and therefore have a greater tendency to repeat and less tendency to reform. Therefore risks should not be taken when there is a possibility for the offender to continue in their ways and potentially take the lives of a growing amount of people or contribute negatively to…show more content…
But is this a “fair” or “just”punishment for crimes committed by an individual? Depending on the severity of the crime, and its circumstances, it just may be. A large part in the justification of the death penalty is based on the same idea as this early thought. One way to think of it, is that some crimes are so serious in nature, and emotional cost to others, that the only logical or just solution may be to pay the deed, or wrongful act, back in full, by giving one’s own life as restitution. Families of victims often become bitter and angry about the outcome of a crime, the loss of their loved one, and feel as if the death penalty is perhaps the only fair punishment for the violators of the law. These revengeful desires are natural and may be nothing short of expected from the average person in their loss. The death penalty outcome is one that is decided by a jury, and is not handled lightly it is only used under the most extreme conditions previously mentioned. Opponents of the death penality site the eighth amendment to the constitution which prohibits cruel and unusual punishments.You may ask, should one guilty of such a violent crime as pre mediated murder be afforded such mercy? Where was the mercy for the victim of their crime? Where is the justice for them? Bringing into question the thought that someone being able to take the life
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