Death Penalty

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One of the most controversial topics in America today is the death penalty. Four thousands of years the death penalty has been used all over the world. In the earlier centuries the townsmen would hang people if they were accused as being a witch, but they were not witches at all. They merely knew a little more information than the next person. They were wrongly accused, and that is why I see the death penalty as immoral, unethical and just wrong! People were put to death for no reason; they were accused because there wasn't enough evidence to prove their innocence. Here in America you are innocent until proven guilty. That is not the way it is, you are guilty until proven innocent is the right way to look at the society today. In this essay I will show statistics, pros, cons, moral issues, etc about the death penalty.

The word "capitol"; in"capital punishment"; refers to a person's head. In the past, people were often executed by severing their head from their body. The United States is one of the very few industrialized countries in the world that executes criminals. It is one of the few countries in the world that executes mentally ill persons, persons with very low IQ, and child murders (i.e. persons who were under 18 at the time of their crime).On August 22, 2000, "Virginia and Texas each executed two men who committed their crimes when they were under 18"(Sara Rimer and Raymond Bonner).Which in my personal opinion is just wrong. As of October 19, 2000, during the last decade of the 20th century, 547 prisoners were executed in the United States --one third of them in Texas. Another 3,500 wait on death rows.

When asked whether people prefer to keep or abolish the death penalty, about 60 to 80% of American adults say that they want to keep capital punishment. Numbers vary depending upon the exact wording of the question asked by the pollsters. When asked whether they would like to see executions continue or have them replaced with a system that guaranteed life imprisonments with no hope for parole, ever; that the inmate would work in the prison to earn money; that the money would be directed to helping the family of the person(s) that they killed.

Capital punishment has been a cause for debate for many years, and people continue to ...

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... the race of the defendant or of the victim in deciding whether to impose the death penalty".(Bonner). From the facts that I stated above i think death penalty is very much racist.

In conclusion, the death penalty may seem to be the best course of action but in reality I believe that it is not. As I have said, it is the best deterrent America employs against murder, it saves our country money, and most importantly, it guarantees that a murderer will not have the chance to kill again. But America goes against its own law and joins the society in this wrong doing. An innocent life may be at stake and no one will ever know.


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