Death Penalty

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Death Penalty is what they call capital punishment. It is a topic that hasn’t been resolved yet. There is a book on Death Penalty and it is called “The Gender Gap in Death Penalty Support. It’s an article on how we deal with the capital punishment issue. In the past years men have supported capital punishment more than women. The main key factors of which influence such a decision bases on five of these beliefs: Values differences and traditional gender socialization practices, traditional norms and roles, status differentials and gender inequalities. First, the authors look at two of the five basics such as values differences and traditional gender socialization practices. Second, they scan the traditional gender norms and roles. But on the other side murder is wrong, ungrateful to us, and we have been taught the indisputable truth. Ask yourself what is capital punishment. Look here is a brief definition on capital. Capital punishment means: one is taking another ones life. See there are 36 states with the Death Penalty Law and must use it. This must end before the new generations g...
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