Death Penalty

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The death penalty or capital punishment is an issue that has sparked controversy and anxiety in today’s society. Capital punishment refers to “a sentence of death by execution”, for the crimes committed. In order to receive the death penalty an individual needs to commit certain types of crimes known as “capital crimes” or “capital offences”. Capital crimes include treason, perjury, kidnapping, rape, terrorism and murder. Today, executions are carried out by either a lethal injection or electrocution. Countries like the United States can allow the convict to have a degree of “amnesty” by letting the convict choose other methods such as a gas chamber, hanging or even a firing squad. Although a vast majority are against the death penalty . People who are in favor of the death penalty are in disagreement with solutions to stop the death penalty and many, might even ignore and evade solutions that are in front of them such as using life imprisonment or even a parole. For some of them, the key to stop violence and murder is to destroy the source of the problem in which the criminal is the root of it and the perfect tool to accomplish this is by using the death penalty. The death penalty shouldn’t exist, it brings nothing but pain and it is a sure way of putting the morality among human beings down.

The death penalty is a structure for the government to stop crime and violence for good, however; it is not having a significant impact in reducing or even stopping the crimes at all. In 2004, the murder rate in the US was 5.71 per 100,000 people of the population as against 4.02 per 100,000 in states that did not use it (amnesty). Even with death penalty, crime rates in some states are still high even with death penalty and there is no gu...

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...making them question the strength of the government to make tough decisions in whether the criminals should live or die by the death penalty.

Death penalty should be avoided and eradicated in this country and other countries that still use the system. It does not bring any good in any way, just the pleasure of getting rid of a problem. It is a brutal and unjust technique of destroying the life individuals without knowing the truth about their problems, their past, or their suffering. This is the 21st century and countries still perform these inhumane acts of executions. The power to execute people is not in the hands of nobody but, for supporters of the death penalty, it is a method of making sure that the criminal doesn’t make the same mistake twice or ever again. Death penalty is just wrong, it brings pain with suffering and without doubt, it should be abolished.
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