Death Of The Salesman By Arthur Miller

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The play “Death of the Salesman” by Arthur Miller, introduced the dramatic story of Willy Loman, a salesman who has reached the end of the road. Willy Loman is a washed-up salesman who is facing hard times. In “Death of a Salesmen,” Willy Loman has been deluding himself over the years to the point he cannot understand what is wrong with him. This leads to the problems with is sons, wife, and career; it ultimately is what ends his life. I believed that the character of Willy 's delusion caused him to fall. While there were many contributing factors to Willy 's demise, his failure to cope with such circumstances and to become trapped in his own delusion is what tears Willy apart from himself and his family. Rather than facing the reality, Willy chooses to run away into his made-up world. Willy builds himself up in a way that he seems to be a powerful, confident man, but in reality, he 's just another middle class man struggle to make a living. In the “Death of the Salesman,” the relationship between Willy and his wife, Linda has many multifaceted and complicated problems due to Willy’s actions. “Linda tries to keep her family intact. As a realist, she is the authentic leader of the Loman family” (Younkins, par. 6). Linda is very devoted to her relationship with Willy. Linda always puts smile on her face everyday for her husband no matter how worn-out or tired she is without any complaints. “Willy remembers complaining about his physical appearance and Linda tells him that he is attractive. Aware of her husband’s evasions and weaknesses, Linda loves Willy, is loyal to him, and constantly comforts and supports him” (Younkins, par. 6). As soon as Willy gets home from work, he starts out complaining about everything that is wrong aroun... ... middle of paper ... ... other hand, followed his father’s footsteps and aimed to become successful as a businessman. I believed that Willy’s character lead himself to his failures and miseries with his wife, his two sons, and his career. What Willy pictured in his mind of himself was not completed by his wrong ambition of being successful. “We’re free and clear. We’re free…. We’re free” (Death of the Salesman, Requiem. lines 66-67). Willy’s wife and sons were not a bit disappointed or saddened by the news of their father. Willy’s death defined a symbol of a new beginning for his family. Throughout my research I discovered all Willy wanted to be was a devoted husband, a father that his sons can be proud of, and a successful salesman; however Willy was unsuccessful in not completely to fulfill his dreams so his death brought him and his family a break from the miseries.

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