Death Of Socrates Essay

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“The death of Socrates has had a huge and almost continuous impact on western culture” (Wilson 1). Socrates life, trial, and death are all important parts of history. Socrates was a philosopher in Athens who believed in using reason to explain different aspects of life. During his lifetime, he not only tried to help develop his own mind and understanding of life, but also those around him. He often tried to teach the adolescence and get them to use their minds. Socrates enjoyed teaching children because their minds were still open and they were willing to learn. However, his views varied from most of other people around him. He was put on trial because others did not care for his methods. He was eventually executed. Socrates had the courage to be different and marked the beginning of Western Philosophy. His trial was one of the first of its kind and it is the first recorded trial in which someone was sentenced to death as a result of their beliefs.
Plato tells us that Socrates compared himself to a gadfly, whose stings are necessary to keep a sleepy horse awake” (Wilson 3). Socrates wanted himself, along with the people around him, to always be aware of life and to better understand what it has to offer. Socrates may have been killed for his beliefs, but his ideas and his life have not been forgotten. They still serve as a source of learning for us today.

Socrates was a philosopher in Athens. Throughout his entire life, to the moment he died, he did his best to help the people around him. He wanted them to think and make correct moral decisions. “Athens, one of the world’s earliest democracies, raised Socrates, educated him and finally sentenced him to death, having found him guilty of reli...

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...the youth of Athens and not properly venerating the gods of Athens. His trail and death not only set examples for those who lived 2,400 years ago, but also those who live in the present. He is an important figure in history. “The death of Socrates has had a huge and almost continuous impact on western culture” (Wilson 11). “We rely upon the sun in order to see and live. Just as life is impossible without it, says Socrates, so we cannot live without goodness” (Usher 17). Socrates still serves as a great example for us today. Although he wrote nothing himself, he is still viewed as arguably the greatest philosopher in the history of the world. His ideas and understandings of life and its aspects are unique. Despite not being supported by his piers, he still stood up for what he believed was right. Socrates was confident in his beliefs right until the end of his life.
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