Death Of A Salesman Betrayal Analysis

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What would you do if you failed both your family and yourself? In a small house in the New York a man has done exactly this and has failed his son in such a way it ruins his life. A young man's life is ruined because of the delusional thoughts of his father. The father causes his son and his family to fall under a spelled mixed with lies and secrets which has an outcome of the destruction of his family and his beloved sons lives. The abandonment and betrayal seen in the novel The Death of a Salesman is shown in this family and between the relationship between the father and son. Willy Loman, Father to Biff and Happy Loman and husband to Linda Loman is a man who has seen no success in life and is drove out of reality. In order to…show more content…
Biff Loman, The oldest son sees Willy as the hero of his life, the man that has done all and has succeeded at life. Biff sees his father this way because Willy deceives his family from the truth and lets them believe that he is successful when in reality he is a failure and an unsuccessful salesman. Throughout Biff’s life he follows the path of his father thinking it was the path to a perfect life when really it was the path to defeat, and somewhere on that path he discovers the truth about his father which then caused his life to achieve unfulfillment as well. In Willy’s Life Willy cheats on his wife linda and betrays her, ruins Biff’s chances of graduating high school, and fills his family with lies, secrets, and betrayal. Willy Loman in The Death of a Salesman is responsible for his own sons…show more content…
He is the reason for the failure of Biff's life because of his stubbornness. He would not just admit that he didn't know success and decided to lie and act as though he did and for that, Biff was met with defeat in life. Arthur Miller in the story The death of a salesman demonstrates the destruction that secrets and lies can cause and the harm it can do. Deception is the worst thing to do to someone because it can cause the destruction of their lives. Willy Loman ruins the life of his son Biff by feeding him false stories and keeping the truth from him. He ruins Biff by cheating and deceiving him and Biff discovers the shocking truth he is mortified and quits on life. Biff’s life goes into pieces and he then sees the truth of his popularity at Willy’s funeral. Biff sees that he wasn't all that popular and successful and that his father was a deceptive liar. Willy Loman lived a life that destroyed
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