Death Of A Salesman

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Death of a Salesman

Act I-
The scene in the bedroom in which Happy and Biff are talking

From the perspective of Biff in this scene I can see him attempting to readjust to the situation of living at home. Nothing had changed, but it has. It is his father. There is something in the past that Biff reminisces of with his brother. In the background, he hears his father’s incessant rambling and it seems to frustrate him. He seems to highly respect his mother and somehow see his fathers rambling is hurtful towards her and wants him to stop.

From Happy’s perspective, I can just see him ‘happy’ (no pun intended) to be with his brother again. Although he tries to bring up the subject of how life’s going he seems distracted by Biff’s distraction. He is trying to get to know his brother again and his usual dealings with his father don’t seem to worry him as much. He just accepts things the way the are and does not seem to know why Biff can not do the same.

The scene in which Happy and Biff tell their father Biff is to meet with Mr. Oliver and about the Florida Plan.

From Willy’s perspective, I see him looking upon his too sons with the thought that his elder son might make something of himself yet. You can see throughout the play, that one of Willy’s dreams is for Biff to succeed. Although their constant bickering, you can almost see the look on his face when he is told the news. Willy might be slipping in his old age, but he delighted with their idea of them working together and finally some meaning pours into his otherwise boring lifestyle.

From Biff’s perspective, he believes that he might finally have a way to please his father. Although, through High School he was the one he father was proud of, ever since he flunked math, it seems that Willy’s constant perception of him is that he is a bum. When he sees the look of joy on his father’s face about this news, he carries on as well and loses all sense of reality whether or not it could actually happen.

Act II-

The scene where Willy goes to see Howard Wagner.

From Willy’s perspective, he is nervous beyond belief. He somehow resents the company for putting him in a position in which he has to work on commission after all these years.
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