Death Is A Sensitive Topic

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In the world we live in, death is a heinously sensitive topic to speak of. Most people like to avoid talking about it or going through it at all possible costs. For many years, people have searched far and wide to find some kind of tangible cure for their eventual demise. In one particular case, there was a man who, quite frankly, didn’t give a damn about his death. This man was my grandfather. He is one very distinct example of the difference between a person before finding out they have cancer, and after finding out that they have cancer - and worse, that they are going to die because of it. Like most elderly folk, my grandpa lived a long and interesting life filled with tragedies. However, this never got the best of him. He grew up as a tiny baby right next door to my grandmother. Their marriage was wonderful because they knew how to work together and it showed. The two gave birth to three beautiful boys - one being my father. As life went on, my elfish grandfather went through many struggles to provide for his family and the children that were to succeed his immediate family. Every morning he would wake up earlier than the sun to chop wood, drive some form of junk to the city, and bring back food and shiny trinkets with his earnings. Everyone in the town he lived in knew who he was and how good of man he truly was. He would cruise in his pale, yellow Mercedes car through the streets of Banja Luka and people would wave and smile at him happily. Sometimes, I’d see him dressed in his spiffy firefighter outfit and boots - ready to go fight the villain “Fire”. I remember him as pasty, bony, and veiny, towering over everyone in the family. His face brought light to any room with his lopsided smirk and shiny, bright bl... ... middle of paper ... ...ack of his head. It is almost as if he is looking up towards God - cursing him for all that he has done, or perhaps, praying to him and thanking him for all of it - who really knows what was going through his head as his irises flickered up and remained suspended at the tip of his eyeballs for an extended period of time. It was clear that my once luminous, superhero grandfather reached a dark, low point in his life. He did not wish to live his life to the fullest and carry out his final wishes, He wished to be at peace, at home, looking very miserable - and that was his decision to make. The news of death sucked the life out of my grandpa before his actual death even happened. That is the prime difference between people before and after they find out they have cancer. It is a quick change from a fierce flame to sullen ashes, bright light to complete darkness.
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