Death Dying And Bereavement Essay

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Death, dying and bereavement is a very complicated process. The dying process usually begins well before death actually occurs. But when traumatic events (disasters) occur the unexpected circumstance often causes anxiety and PTSD. People have a known fear for death and an inability to face the concept that death is inevitable. Many times people try to ignore these three concepts of death, dying and bereavement. While loss affects people in different ways, many experience the following symptoms when they grieving. Death is a process that consists of: 1. Shock and denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining (i.e. making a deal with God) 4. Depression and Withdrawal from others 5. Acceptance. Rebuilding the self after a disaster is the ideal outcome that should occur after a crisis. But many times people deal with the guilt, shame, and loss differently. Health and social professionals (i.e. DMH practitioner) can play a crucial role in developing services for the dying and their survivors that are sensitive to racial, cultural, sexuality, and gender differences (Hooyman, & Kiyak, 2011). Funeral a...

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