Death Constant Beyond Love

It is inevitable that we will all die it is a fact that everyone must come to terms with. There comes a time in everyone’s life that they must face death; a friend’s tragic accident, a family member’s passing or their own battles with diseases. When faced with the idea of death people will act in different ways some may find it therapeutic to apologize for the negative they have done, some may want to spend time with loved ones to ease the future pain, and others may decide that their life was not what they believed. The story Death Constant Beyond Love tells us about a man named Senator Sanchez who is living a happy life with his wife and five kids. That is until he is told by doctors that he only has a short time to live. Death is unknown much like love, we do not know or understand when love will find us, and it is the same with death. In Death Constant Beyond Love is not your typical love or death story. After told about his pending doom Senator Sanchez wants to keep his life as constant as normal, until his desires for a young woman change his plans, and then he dies.

Senator Sanchez who is facing death shows us that he wants to keep his life normal in some aspects while counting the days he has left. According to the article Understand the Meaning of Social Well-Being at the End of Life most people faced with death have the “need to be surrounded by family and participate with social activities … [giving] them a reason to live-a purpose to stay involved and live while they were dying” (367 Prince-Paul), Senator Sanchez continues on his campaign trail in order to stay involved in his life. He would not allow others to know about his death “he had decided to endure his secret all alone, with no change in his life,...

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...riage, death” (92) Senator Sanchez tries to defeat death almost by falling in love twice, yet based on his own marriage he is unable to marry again. In the end Senator Sanchez dies “weeping with rage at dying without her” again this goes with Vodolagin’s article in that death is tolerable, it is dying that is hard. Senator Sanchez figures this out when his own happy life is halted when confronted with the news he is dying. Instead of being honest in the end of his life he decides to continue in his greed. He ultimately alienates those he is happy with in order to live his truth alone. Also, in order to commit an act that he knows is wrong but justifies it in order to fulfill his lust and try in his own way cheat death. In the very end he dies alone next to Laura showing us that death is beyond love, because only birth and death are constant in this life.
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