Death And Rebirth: Ostar Death And Rebirth

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Death & Rebirth.

Ostara is a celebration of fertility, culminating the coming together of the masculine and feminine divine. A time of enlightenment when we are now leaving behind us the darker times and are fully gearing up and heading into the lighter days along with shorter nights, basically a time of rebirth, growth and strength.
New life is either already visible now, from daffodils, crocus’s, tulips and spring lambs are now taking their first steps in the fields. The Ash trees are budding now and the hedgerows are starting to shoot and a hue of greenery can be seen everywhere. This is a very sacred time and Pagans celebrate this magical time the world over.
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The soil is bursting forward and showing the splendour that she has been nurturing from within during the time of retreat and slumber, which was winter.
Life, along with everything contained within this beautiful universe, is made up of a very precious and sacred balance. Without this harmonious balance, life simply could not be. We have to experience and have dark to know and appreciate the light. We have to feel pain, to know what love and happiness are. We have to know and witness death, to fully stimulate us and respect just what life and living are.
Death, or passing over as I prefer to call it, is also a very sacred event and time. Unfortunately, a lot of societies across the world tend to almost scorn and frown upon this very word, which is such a shame, as without death, how can we fully appreciate and live life to the full, well we can’t and this is where I find it hard to believe that it is still seen as a taboo subject, which not many people actually want to talk about, let alone acknowledge?
Let us take a trip and go full circle within the wheel of the year now. I think it seems very fitting to do this, just as we are celebrating birth and new life at this
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