Death And Death In The Masque Of The Red Death

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The Masque of the Red Death
Death is a natural thing. It is not uncommon for people to go to extreme measures to avoid death. In recent years, there have even been famous people that have hired teams of doctors to try to insure that they won’t die. Often, the extreme measures that people take to avoid it eventually turn into their downfall, and death always prevails. The Masque of the Red Death is a short story written by the early American novelist, Edgar Allan Poe. He presents a tale about a man named Prince Prospero during the time when a horrible plague has contaminated his country. There are three main themes throughout the story. His foolishness during a time of despair causes his downfall, time continues to pass even with death, and death is inevitable no matter how rich and powerful you may be are the themes presented in the story which leads to the loss of his life and of the lives of his guests.
Prince Prospero is supposed to have his kingdom’s health and prosperity as his number one priority. Isn’t that the job of a prince? However, Prince Prospero is foolish and decides to host a masquerade ball during the middle of a devastating plague. The Red Death was described as being quickly fatal and hideous. The symptoms of the Red Death were sharp pains, profuse bleeding in the pores, and dizziness upon the body. This provoked Prince Prospero to shut out his fellow-men. He picked 1000 of his closest friends to be locked inside the castle with him while this awful disease killed his country. “Blood was its Avatar and its seal--the redness and the horror of blood.” (1). Because of it being so lethal, the Red Death had the potential in killing it’s victims in less than half an hour. Prince Prospero’s arrogance towards t...

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...hness will be your down fall, time continues on even with death, and that death is inevitable. Poe does a wonderful job intertwining these three themes throughout the whole story. He keeps his readers entertained with a suspenseful and interesting tale about Prince Prospero and his fellow guests trying to avoid the Red Death. Prince Prospero shows his foolishness by hosting a ball. The clock in the black room constantly reminded them that with the passing of every hour, people were dying outside of the castle, but they had still survived. The Red Death found the perfect time to creep inside the palace of Prince Prospero, having him trapped inside his own cage. At the end of the story, readers realize that no matter what anyone does; death will eventually take us all. No amount of money, extraordinary things, or people will save you from your impending future.
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