Death And Death In Othello

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The play Othello, written by William Shakespeare, is a tragic play that goes over a variety of topics, from love to death. Othello is a tragic play due to its many aspects of death throughout it. One character that falls to the hands of death is one of the main characters, Othello, and another being his wife Desdemona. Each of these deaths are a direct cause of another character’s actions, Iago. Within the play there are scenes of manipulation, betrayal, jealousy, lust, deceit, and murder. This play, Othello, contains many characters that have important roles to the development of the play and the plots that occur. These characters are the ones that make the play what it is and create the various moods and themes throughout the play. The characters that play important roles in the play are Othello, Iago, and Desdemona. Arguably, the most predominant and important character to the play is the character Othello. Othello is considerably an outsider to those in this play. This distance is created and found due to the race of Othello. Within Act 1 Scene 1 of Othello, one of the characters refers to Othello as “thicklips” (Shakespeare, Othello line 68) and another refers to him as “an old black ram” (Shakespeare, Othello line 94). These slurs are indicative of the race of Othello and show that he is unlike the rest of the characters. Though race is a quality of Othello and contributes to his outsider personality, Othello is also very easily manipulated throughout the play. The character Othello is very gullible and gives trust where it is not deserved which is a factor to this easily manipulated personality that he has. As Kyrstin Gallagher states, “Othello seems to be a very impressionable character. He so quickly believes what othe... ... middle of paper ... .... Each of these characters are essential to the play for their own reasons, and without any one of them, the play would fundamentally be ineffective and inequivalent to what it is. Due to these characters and their defining traits, the play is that of tragedy and has a central theme of jealousy, love, deceit, and what is to occur when all of these elements are present. Like most of Shakespeare’s plays, this play is heavily embedded with death, killing, and tragedy to display the central theme of the story. As Harold Bloom states within his book, “Shakespeare's Othello recounts the tragic consequences of hatred, jealousy, revenge, and exploited and misplaced trust” (Bloom 13). This excerpt shows that the theme of the play is centralized around the idea of jealousy, love, deceit, and its doings. This central theme is found throughout the story in many different areas.
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