Dear Mr Clarkson

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I recently read your article “stuff the tiger-long live extinction”, published on 10 June 2007 by The Sunday Times. The points you make I find are too harsh or unrealistic in my point of view. There for I am writing this letter to help you understand that there are different opinions about this topic and I am writing against your point of view. Did you know in the 20th century, the tiger population has been reduced from 100,000 to 3,500? This means that 97 per cent of the world’s tiger population has been killed. For example, in Vietnam there are sadly only about 40 tigers left .In your first point you say if we stop locals in Asia killing tigers it means that they will lose their income starve and die. You are right in saying taking someone’s income means they will struggle in living. However, if we focus our attention on helping and educating them to find other ways to make money for example farming and not killing endangered animals. Then we will both save tigers and help the locals and this will also benefit their community as well as just them. Also by educating people we can also help the environment and prevent animal cruelty which is also a big issue in our world. After, you then move on to say that “Apart for a few impotent middle-class Chinamen, or if you want a nice rug, it makes not the slightest bit if difference if Johnny tiger dies out.” Although it will make a difference emotionally to animal lovers and animal conservationists. Also would it not be a shame to lose the largest of the cat species? And also why would you want to get rid of a beautiful creature? Not to mention that killing popular bread of animals and extinction can harm tourism, which is what is happening in Brunei as the killing of ... ... middle of paper ... ...onclude my letter by saying that animals are just as important as humans because without them we would be really stuck, and a lot of the labour and work around the word wouldn’t be done and the food wouldn’t be as good, we also wouldn’t have as good diets and so the human species would suffer in a number of ways. Also if there is something to do to help prevent extinction of tiger then we should step forward and prevent extinction for all animals from now on. In addition you should change your tone of voice and make it more positive about the way you think about animals and extinction and you should be less selfish and care for the environment more. Otherwise you along with the majority of people will suffer. Finally we shouldn’t just stand back and wave goodbye to the tiger when we can do something about it, and prevent extinction of a well-known animal happening.

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