Dealing with Offensive Stereotpes

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We often hear offensive jokes based on stereotypes. While living in the United States I have encountered many offensive jokes and statements stereotyping either my religion or ethnicity. Due to the 9/11 attack American citizens developed a bias against Muslim Arabs and throughout time stereotypes started to appear about my beliefs and people. One of the most common stereotypes which many offensive jokes are based on is that Arab Muslims are perceived as dangerous terrorists. After experiencing many similar situations, I came upon a process that can effectively prove and persuade that the stereotype is not correct. It also helps with explaining the resentment or discomfort cause by the offensive statement in a proper way. People handle such situations differently, but the purpose of their different processes should have the same positive result. Since the offensive jokes and statements are based on stereotypes, it is more effective to correct the information in the stereotype rather than responding to the joke. The following process is a way to solve offensive stereotype situations in a healthy and effective manner weather it was in public, or private.
Diane Cole in her peace Don't Just Stand There, starts by telling a story where an anti-Semitic joke was said by a co-worker in her office which left her very offended and shocked to the point that she could only do nothing about it. The normal assumption in these cases of racial insults that it is pointless to try to change the insulter's behavior. Speaking up might effectively change someone's attitude, however, it would only make the case worse if the respond came aggressive. Instead of saying an aggressive respond, not reacting at all would be better because it would shock the...

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...effects of his statement. It is important to explain the emotional effect because it gives another reason for not believing the stereotype. It allows the insulter understand how his words had a negative impact on you.
All in all, Running into offensive stereotypes is common among Arab Muslims. People will not stop making new stereotypes, and the only way to stop them from being spread is by correcting them. Stereotypes are basically wrong information based on an sophisticated perception. It is critical to deal with these situations with reason and intellectuality. People may have different ways to solve these kinds of problems, but it is important to make sure it is in a healthy and effective manner. Stereotypes are wrong information that needs to be corrected, so it is very important to educate society about the misunderstandings associated with the stereotypes.

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