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1- In your opinion, should free speech be regulated? How so?

-I think freedom of speech should be regulated in some cases, there has to be a limit to freedom of speech. People have the right to say their opinion, but without hurting others. There are limitations when it comes to defamation because people don’t have the right to show hatred towards others. Public figures, defamation based on truth, and when there are facts to support the defamation are all exceptions, but I believe that there should also be a limit. In this case it is libel defamation, as it’s written or typed on the internet. It should be regulated by law, as there should be certain rules that put a limit to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech on the internet can be regulated with good SEO which is, search engine optimization, and it’s a process that can control the visibility of websites, so it can be used to stop defamation by assigning these websites to lower or less used search engines. This can be a weak solution, but it’s a good first step. An example that shows that people have the right to say their opinion, but without aiming to cause defamation is that someone can say that the waiters of a restaurant were slow and the food didn’t taste good, but they shouldn’t say that they got a certain poisoning from the restaurant because that will be seen as defamation, as some people can stop eating at that restaurant. Another example related to regulating freedom of speech is that in the United States where freedom of speech is one of the rights; there are still limits to it. Some speeches can be illegal like ones related to child pornography, and racism. The government has the right to censor such speeches if they largely affect the public in a negative way.


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...he public know the truth. First the PR practitioners have to communicate with the internal publics such as, the employees to inform them with the issue and find ways to solve it then they have to deal with the costumers and the community as a whole, which are the most important publics. If they take any action it’s definitely better than not doing anything at all and of course it’s better than lying about an issue to the public like some managers do. A well known spokesperson would be very useful in this case because he can inform the public in a better way that will make them feel involved and convinced. The PR practitioners have to be prepared with all the facts before taking any of these steps, and they have to respond very quickly as well by giving credible and exact information. They have to take care of the audience and their lives as much as they can.
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