Deaf Eyes Reflection

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The movie through Deaf Eyes is a video describing deaf history in America and its humble start and all the challenges deaf people faced during history. In the beginning, deaf people had no real formal language until Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc started the first deaf school. With Gallaudet paving the way to try to teach deaf people sign language, deaf schools started to crop up all over the country. As time went on they would be decriminalized even by the government who would prevent them from working in the government. After an endless amount of support to repeal the ban of deaf people from working the government, they decided to lift the ban. Yet this was only a small problem that deaf people would face compared to oralism, Alexander Graham Bell would advocate that they now had the technology to teach deaf people how to speak and he would lead the oralist movement to stop teaching deaf…show more content…
Some things that were talked in both the movie and class was how their houses are laid out to make deaf communication easier yet, in SI I was told that that costs a lot of money. The couple in the movie that did that we 're also planning how to build their house from scratch to fit their needs which shows that most deaf people can’t even afford to make their houses deaf friendly as that ASL book seemed to imply. In addition, although they both taught me a tremendous amount of information about deaf culture that I feel it is so similar to regular hearing culture with the only distinct difference is being deaf and how they value it just like we value our hearing. In a sense, I feel that deaf culture is just pride about a characteristic they have yet that might be due to me not being educated in deaf culture since I don’t have daily conversations with deaf people to understand how different they are from hearing people which shows just how much I require to learn about ASL and its
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