Deaf Event Cultural Literacy Paper

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For my Deaf event I went to a silent movie at the News Journal Center on the 15th of February from 6-8pm. As I was walking in I felt as if this event would be just like a normal movie only it would require a little more use of my eyes and hands than I was used to. I grossly underestimated the amount of stress and anxiety that would fill me from trying to interpret for my friend while doing even a simple task of getting tickets. As I was signing that I needed two tickets to the movie I felt as if I needed to tell my friend what I was saying so that he didn’t feel out of the loop or confused. I wasn’t expecting talking while signing to be anywhere near so difficult and overwhelming. While waiting in the lobby for the movie to begin I felt especially awkward because I didn’t want to talk to my friend and seem rude to the people around me. However, at the same time I was worried that if I went and signed to others I would seem rude to my friend whom I invited. I felt overly weird just standing in the lobby waiting for the movie to begin since I wanted to meet people. I was excited about ...

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