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Robert DeMayo is a Deaf actor, educator and ASL consultant. He was born in Connecticut but currently lives in Philadelphia. DeMayo grew up in a hearing family. It was hard for him growing up in a hearing family. He often felt like he was being left out by his family, who never bothered to learn ASL so that they could better communicate with him. This being the case DeMayo decided to leave his home since his family seemed like they did not care about how he felt being Deaf when the rest of his family could hear. DeMayo often struggles to make ends meat. Being a Deaf actor makes it even harder to find work while trying to pursue his dream. According to DeMayo there are not many jobs for Deaf actors that have flexible enough hours for him to also be an actor. He often had to take short term jobs like translating for other actors or musicians as they sang and performed. These jobs did not provide enough income and because he could not make enough money to support himself he eventually became homeless until one of his friends let him stay with them until he got back on his feet. These are just a few of the struggles DeMayo faced being a Deaf actor, TL Forsberg also faced many struggles as a hard of hearing singer. TL Forsberg is a hard of hearing singer,…show more content…
It makes sense, but I had never given it much though. When someone thinks famous they think rich, however there are people like CJ Jones who are famous in the Deaf community, but not well known to the rest of the world. He 's famous, but he does not seem rich and his lifestyle does not seem particularly luxurious. CJ, much like beginning actors has to go to multiple auditions to even be considered for a role, and sometimes he is not even offered to audition because he is Deaf. I never considered how much harder it is for a Deaf actor, singer, comic, and so forth to make it big than hearing

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