Dead Poets Society And Freedom Writers Comparison

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Film Comparison Essay As a student in high school, I can understand the troubles my classmates have at home and the dilemmas he or she goes through because I, myself, have faced many conflicting situations as well. We have all learned from these remembrances etched into our minds and it affects our everyday lives. As shown throughout The Dead Poets Society and Freedom Writers, the audience is exposed to the troubles these students experience and how he or she reacts to the situations he or she encounters. The similarities between The Dead Poets Society and Freedom Writers are pronounced, and they exhibit explicit examples of how home life influences education. The Dead Poets Society demonstrates a perfect example of how home life effects a student’s education. Neil, one of the main characters in this film, attends a prep school which is beyond strict, an all-male school. However, John Keating, a new English teacher that has his own unique ways of getting his point across during his lessons, is not just a teacher but a new light to his students. Keating uses unusual analogies that ...
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