Dead Man Walking By Sister Helen Prejean

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In the book “Dead Man Walking”, written by Sister Helen Prejean, is about the un-justifying laws of the death penalty. It features Patrick Sonnier, a criminal, who is sentenced to death because of the crime he has committed. The death penalty had been around for years and is arguable on the subject if it should be abolished or not. I stand with Prejean on her beliefs about how the death penalty is evil and unjust. For the purpose of this essay, I have chosen a poster which represents my thoughts and beliefs on what I feel strongly about the death penalty. The poster I have chosen contains a young woman holding a gun with a red bandage covering her eyes and mouth and behind her, on the wall is an American Flag painted on with dripping textures. On the American Flag there is a quote which reads, "We kill people who kill people because killing people is wrong." Now let’s go into detail one by one of how I feel each and every detail can relate to Dead Man Walking. The young woman is not an ordinary woman, she is wearing a tank top which showcases her arms filled with tattoos. She also has no eyes or mouth, instead it is replaced with red tape. Red is often the symbol for war, danger, strength, and power. The red tape covering her eyes could stand for her not to be able to judge others also showcasing how blind America is. Whereas the red tape over her mouth would symbolize hiding the unjust truth of death penalty as well as representing the lies that America speaks. She is also holding a gun, the gun represents an example of a weapon that would be used in a method of one of the death penalties such as the firing squad. The gun itself can also represent death, it does not matter who is holding it taking a person’s... ... middle of paper ... ...’t even help the family of the deceased, knowing that the killer is well and alive in prison not receiving the death penalty. I point out the fact that there have been many cases of people being able to forgive the murderer and still feel okay that he did not receive death penalty. In conclusion, many people are going to have their opinion and views towards the death penalty. But the facts are there and it is said that abolishing the death penalty will save not only millions of dollars but lower crime rates. People make mistakes every day and people learn from it, how can the murderer learn from their action if they have not been given a chance to realize what they have done. Not only does death penalty increase more violence, it can also make people not believe in America itself. We want to make America great again, and we can start by abolishing the death penalty.

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