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The formation of the New England lifestyle in the sixteenth century was influenced by the Puritans’ disapproval of the Church of England and the reality of a new world. When the Puritans were still in England, the Church of England issued harsh punishments, such as fines and confinement, to individuals who chose not to support the church’s views. Some Puritans wanted to change the church from within. Another group of Puritans called Separatists wanted to separate themselves from the church entirely and form independent churches in England. However, constant complaints about the Puritans by other members of the Church as well as the Church of England’s rules forced the Puritans to migrate to America to pursue their beliefs concerning how they should worship and view God. They first landed on the shores …show more content…

However, inadequate knowledge in farming, what crops would grow and would not, an inability to speak the Indians’ languages, poverty, illnesses, and frigid winters made this migration difficult. Rugged oceans, rocky storms, and soaring winds hindered the Mayflower from allowing the Separatists from arriving to their original destination in the Virginia territory. Therefore, landing on Plymouth Harbor. Thankful for the safety of their arrival and the departure from turbulent waters, there was no known civilizations or houses to live in. Relations between Native Americans and the Separatists begun when corn was being taken from Native American tombstones by the Separatists. This corn being the limited source of food that there was combined with the first bitter winter and inadequate knowing in farming made the next few months come with great conflict. With the futile soil, many passed away from starvation and malnutrition. Additionally, the winter brought harmful diseases and limited resources. In the

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