Dbq Justinian Research Paper

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Was Justinian really that much of a leader that he impacted life as we know it , or was he just someone who kept trying to bring back a civilization that was already too far gone? Some might say that without Justinian humanity would be a step further back than where we are at, others may argue evermore that Justinian was a two-faced liar who could not be trusted (Doc. 2). Contrary to many beliefs , Justinian created a new Byzantine Empire after the fall of Rome that is very influential to many different cultures, more advanced and educated than Rome is, and more economically thriving than the Roman Empire. The Byzantine Empire plays a major role in many different societies to this day. Some of the things that impact other civilizations from them include their religion and laws. According to Mr. Gray, Russia went so far as to adopt Orthodox Christianity which makes them view themselves as the…show more content…
Justinian rules very similarly to Roman leaders because he is known for saying he has God's will and is on God's level which is saying he is close to godliness (Doc. 3). Justinian rules better than the Romans however because he allows for diversity in their religion like the different beliefs between orthodox and catholic Christians ( Byzantine PPT #19-20) compared to the Romans who kill off Christians because according to Mr. Gray, they felt as if they should look up to the emperor and worship him instead of God. In Byzantine they believed once you enter the church it is a part of you and they chose not to interfere with your relationship with him ( Doc.4). Justinian's code is also similar to the Roman Empire 's because it is a synthesis of the twelve tables.(Byzantine PPT#7). Nevertheless, Justinian rules again because his law codes are preserved while Rome's are forgot about, and according to Mr.Gray, Justinian's laws are more simplified and understandable compared to the twelve tables. ( Byzantine PPT
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