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Colonization Sherika Alfred World History 16 May 2018 In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Africa , the effects of imperialism were both positive and negative . Colonizers got a positive effect because they took over countries for more power . They did that by taking territory by force … The white rulers of the colonies live at the expense of the natives . They also took the countries wealth and enslave natives to make money , and those that were colonized got a negative effect of imperialism because the natives had no other choice but to work for the colonizers . (Document 1) Other factors played an important…show more content…
Whereas fundamental human rights , freedom of speech , freedom of association , freedom of movement , freedom of worship , freedom of live a full and abundant life are denied to Africans through the activities of imperialists . (Document 2) (Document 3)...The most significant negative effect on the social structure would be the treatment of the indigenous people . Most of them were treated inequitably . People were sold and brought like they were belongings . People were often tortured , whipped , and harassed by their masters or even by other slaves that were given orders by their masters to do so . In addiction , people of colonies were suffering from starvation and outbreak of fatal diseases like malaria and yellow fever , which in turn had a deadline on the population . Furthermore , in some colonies women were often denied higher education and were forced to get married at an early age . Above all , many people were murdered for their religious beliefs ,…show more content…
Most of the missionaries introduced education in Africa by establishing mission schools to educate the local people and helped them to learn more about their land and culture . The Europeans defended the Africans against their enemies or gave them weaponds to enable them to defend themselves whenever they were attacked by their enemies and this made some of the Africans feel safer . The Europeans brought new technology to Africa ; they were provided with tools for farming and introduced new crops like maize and manioc from the New World . They built more infrastructures like medical facilities , transport and communication network , schools and established plantations for the growing of cash crops like coco , coffee , tea , rubber and cotton . Many African learned languages of their colonial master like English , French and Portuguese which has given them more advantages to be able to communicate in the present globalized world without any difficulties . Colonial also made the world aware of African's rich culture although they adopted some of the European culture , its abundance in natural and mineral resources and introducing the

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