Dbq Essay On Reconstruction

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It was a hot, sunny day in the army when Union soldiers heard the exciting news of winning the Civil War. They went to Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia to surrender. After the Civil War slaves were free but there was a lot of racism still in the country, next came Reconstitution in the South. At the announce of the Civil War ending and slaves being free men now the KKK and several other people were not happy with this and even Reconstruction in the South. Reconstruction means to rebuild something such as equality or industry. Southern Resistance killed Reconstruction because of the KKK and the Southern Resistance didn’t encourage it enough to where the Northern Neglect could have done anything. On the morning of May 1870 in Montgomery, Alabama, John K. Stephens was…show more content…
Southern Resistance made the process of Reconstruction worse. They sent groups of terrorist into the North which caused the government to focus more on the safety of the people, than reconstructing the South. (Background Essay) The KKK was just one of the groups that the North was worried about other White Southerners and Carpetbaggers. The only reason the North was losing faith in their own government was because of the terrorists groups in the South. Also the KKK was attacking the government because they thought the government wasn’t legit. (Doc. B Para.2) The government gave everyone freedom of religion, speech, and equal rights. (Doc. B Para.1) President Grant was always trying to look out for everyone in both the North and South. “Weary of the ‘Negro Question’ and ‘sick of carpet-bag’ government, many Northern voters shifted their attention to such national concerns as the Panic of 1873.” (Gerald Danzer Doc. C) What he meant by this was the Northern Neglect was tired of the Southern Resistance acting like the 13th and 14th amendment was never made and they still had a lot of racism in the Southern Resistance.(Doc. C
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