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During the 1800s, Great Britain's empire expanded to include India, other part of Asia, and parts of Africa. Great Britain's colonial rule had both positive and negative effects on the colonial empire. Despite imperialism having negative connotation by definition (a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force), it doesn't always have a negative effect.
The Berlin Conference, that was a conference held in Berlin (the lack of creativity of historians continues) was held to shape up Africa to countries that had the highest bid on the African regions. Britain who had the most money, strongest army and was known as the “the empire on which the sun never sets” due to its large land mass, was quite intimidating. …show more content…

As seen in document 4a, it presents an advertisement for Liptons teas, these teas they were promoting contained ceylon. Ceylon is a spice native to India. This made India a large target because Europeans enjoy their tea! Along with the political and economic uprisings that occurred because of this, social issues arose as well. The poem “white man's burden” written by Rudyard Kipling, portrayed the message that it's the white man's duty to civilize the rest of the world. Rydard exhorted this message by saying “Take up the White Man’s burden send forth the best ye breed go send your sons to exile to serve your captives' need.” (in the very first stanza). The importance of positioning of the direct quote, makes the reader become more influenced by what Rudyard was trying to convey. Throughout the imperialistic era, nearly all of the new settlements established by the west, were caused of jealousy and …show more content…

Modernization occurred throughout almost all of Africa due to western nations conquering the African land. Modernization is usually sought out to be a benefit towards a nation, it also tends to be a detriment. For example; Japan with their military. If Commodore Matthew Perry never went into Japan to open trade with the west, Japan never would've developed or knew about the western way of life. Although history does not have definite answers, I believe if Japan never got involve with westernized ideas, the Sino-Japanese war never would have occurred. Japan wouldn't have stood a chance against the Chinese military, nor would have even attempted at conquering Korea. However, that is not how it happened. Japan with their new military, and their new government system became a powerhouse nation. Besides the progression Japan made, African life was turned around in a complete 360, Indian life was altered as well. As seen in document 7, Ghandi states “we are kept in a state of slavery.” Whether Gandhi was saying this figuratively, implying that his life under British rule was miserable, or literally meant he was a slave, you can tell that life wasn't very pleasant for the Indians. Because of these changes, cultural diffusion occurred drastically among many nation that had been held

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that great britain's colonial rule had both positive and negative effects on the empire, despite imperialism having a negative connotation by definition.
  • Analyzes how the berlin conference was held to shape up africa to countries that had the highest bid on the african regions.
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