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As a kid, people are told, “It’s my body, it’s my choice.” and from there on, that is how they treat themselves. However, should it still be your choice when it starts to cause you health issues? In many parts of the world, largely America, people are wondering when it’s right for the government and food places to step in when it comes to the foods we eat and how much is just too much. At what point do we lose control over our bodies? Some think that it’s the government’s job to protect us from diseases that come with bad eating choices, while others think that it is the individual’s job to decide what goes into their body and how much. The discussion then turns to people wondering if too much of a healthy food is a good or bad thing. Eating…show more content…
He says that it should be a public matter because if it isn’t, people won’t have access to the information about healthy lifestyle choices. People, especially teenagers, are supposed to be able to make these healthy eating choices, however they don’t have the information or access to get that. That is when people start going to McDonald’s and KFC. It’s fast and cheap. Instead of 13,000 healthy food places, there are that many McDonald’s, so when people with busy lives need something on the go, they are going to go somewhere that is on the way, which with how many McDonald’s there are means they go there. Zinczenko says that people don’t have enough alternatives or information about healthy food choices. People are getting sick and that makes the food industry vulnerable. Just like what happened with Tobacco companies, people will start filing law suits against food companies for contributing largely to their health issues and not giving them the needed information to determine whether their food was a healthy choice or not. Zinczenko’s overall argument figures that it is time for someone to step in to help with our health, whether it is the government or food industries, because soon, it will be a bigger problem than people know what to do with. People need more fast and ready healthy options and…show more content…
Freedman discusses how people are letting healthy food places decide how much of salt, sugar or ect. they need when they should be listening to their bodies and let that tell them what they need. “Wholesome” foods are having so many things added to them that they end up being more calories than a Big Mac. Freedman says eating the wholesome food you get from places like Whole Foods actually isn’t super healthy for you because of how much is added to the food which then adds calories and makes you gain weight. Freedman does a test where he goes and gets smoothies from different places and found that the cheapest and lowest calorie one was from McDonald’s which shows that healthy food doesn’t have to be super pricey. One should balance how much of everything they eat, not necessarily cut out foods because that messes with their body’s

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