David Hume 's Theory On Sensory Experience

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• David Hume took the logic aspects behind Locke and Berkeley theory on sensory experience leading to one’s knowledge and came up with the most comprehensible understanding of empiricism.
• Hume thought that through science he could find the reason for conflict and the justification behind every humans thoughts, whether the ideas had any equal accuracy.
• Strongly believed that the method of science would lead him to finding the understanding of how the minds of human make though and process
• Hume found that science failed him, and that human though process only extends to a certain limit.
• Locke and Berkeley both had reached the same peak of human thought process discoveries, however what distinguishes Hume is that he believed our experiences are the fundamental principle of where our ideas come from.
• The answer to how disagreements can be solved can only be found when the nature of another’s understanding has been exactly grasped to the others capacity.
• Our mind is limitless, as a body we can only reach to roam a certain aspect of our world, however our minds roam universes that can’t even be completely processed which cause confliction with our human civilization.
• Hume states that we think nearly to a limit, and that thought perception we process the material given to us by our senses and experiences, we only have two forms impressions and ideas.
• The mind creates feelings to sensations happening at a true moment in time giving us impressions, ideas are just distorted memories of the impression practically duplications of them.
• Hume only finds one difference between impressions and ideas and that is the amount of clarity one has on the actual event.
• Not to get confused not ever idea is the mirror image of...

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...e can know the cause of its effects.
• Intelligence can’t be cause created from the universe, for then a creator with intelligence of some kind can be considered a God.
• No one knows if our universe is the ultimate design or just a trial of what can be held, no one has the intelligence to achieve that knowing.
• Hume test God in the same manner he test self and substances he implies the theory of experience.
• Hume doesn’t take ethics as a joke, he acknowledges that morals are the main reason humans take so much interest in one another.
• Moral judgment takes great influence from emotions, not only intellectual reasons.
• Situation where we try to find answers from our moral judgment don’t come from the even or object but from one self our experiences that give us feeling.
• Hume only absolute to humanity is that we can agree that we find the use of situations
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