David Hume And Jean Paul Sartre

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There are many great philosophers that have emerged through time, but the following philopshers including Soren Kierkegaard, David Hume, and Jean Paul Sartre all have something in common; love. Through one way or another, their love life never seemed to reach that ultimate happiness, they all wished for. Soren Kierkegaard broke of his engagement to Regine Olsen for multiple reasons. David Hume although loved Hyppolyte de Saujon (AKA. Bouffers), he could never become anything more than her advisor till his deathbed. Lastly, Jean Paul Sartre loved Simone De Beauvoir, as did she, however their relationship never became intimate and was always considered an open-relationship. Although, these three important philosophical figures were masters at questioning life, they all were unable to attain the love they wanted. Soren Kierkegaard was born in Copenhagen on May 5, 1813 to Michael Pederson Kierkegaard, who was raised as a shepherd boy . Being a shepherd boy Michael experienced a lot of suffering and pain, leading him to curse god for his hardships. Over time Michael became successful in life resulting in early retirement. However Michael youngest son, Soren Kierkegaard thought so otherwise. As mentioned by Kierkegaard in the King Lear, Act 5 Scene 3, Kierkegaard suspects that his “father’s great age was not a divine blessing but rather a curse; that [his] family’s excellent mental abilities existed only for tearing [them] apart from one another” . Soren K. belief of his family being cursed brought upon the disruption of the relationship between his father, Michael Kierkegaard and himself. Also in addition, it led to the broken engagement with Regine Olsen. At 27 years old, Soren Kierkegaard was engaged to Regine Olsen, who was only... ... middle of paper ... ...and Beauvoir wanted to follow. After reviewing through all these three great philopshers love life, they all seemed to stumble upon a wall they could not overcome. Kierkegaard could not marry his lover because he was blinded by his own philosophical belief from his family. David Hume, on the other hand decided to support his lover through the end of life. Lastly, Jean-Paul Sartre wanted to marry Beauvoir, however both their need for existence preceded the need for close relationship, which they never had. All in all, although these great philosophers have acquired many achievements throughout their life, their belief in philosophy may have been the one denying them the love they wanted. However, some were still content with the life they had like Jean-Paul Sartre, who continued to have many affairs but still remained in the open relationship with Simone de Beauvoir.

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