David Beckham Case Study

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In this assignment I will be looking at David Beckham and how all 5 psychological perspectives have affected his behaviour throughout his life. Psychological perspectives are: • Humanistic (Carl Rogers & Abraham Maslow) • Behavioural (Ivan Pavlov) • Cognitive (Mental functions, memory, attention & perception, Wilhelm Wundt) • Psychodynamic (Freud) • Biological (Charles Darwin) These theories have been link to how a person behaves by the way that an individual acts in different situations, for example, David Beckham has OCD, and this would be looked into under the 5 perspectives. Each of the perspectives has a role to play in a person’s behaviour. The humanistic perspective would look at the whole individual, their background, the way they were brought up and any influences that they could have come into contact with throughout their life span. The Behavioural perspective would look at the external behaviour of the person, as opposed to emotion and their thought process. Pavlov thought that the environment in which someone is born in and grows up in, would determine how that individual will behave. He also said ‘when we are born, our mind is ‘tabula rasa’’ this means a baby’s mind is like a blank slate for the environment to make its mark on. It is thought that behavior is a result of the stimulus – response, saying that all behavior can be reduced down to a small stimulus. Watson explained that the purpose of psychology is: “To predict, given the stimulus, what reaction will take place; or, given the reaction, state what the situation or stimulus is that has caused the reaction” (1930). Behavior is due to the environment, so whatever the behavior is, it’s been learnt through either classical or operant conditioning, says ... ... middle of paper ... ...pulsive, and these are in attempt to alleviate the obsessional anxiety. If David Beckham was going through this therapy then the professionals will have to look at what are his ‘obsessions’ and what are the behaviours that follow these particular thoughts. Another way that the professionals might try to ease the effects of the condition with David Beckham could be antidepressants, however the ideal treatment, according to CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), is to have a ‘combination of both the cognitive therapy and the drugs therapy’. They also state that ‘Many people with OCD benefit from supportive counselling in addition to treatments aimed at reducing the symptoms of OCD. Individuals may see a therapist one-on-one, or they may involve the partner, spouse or family in counselling. Group therapy (with people who have similar concerns) can also help’.

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