Dave's The Man Who Was Almost A Man

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Throughout the short story “The Man Who Was Almost a Man”, Dave struggled to find his manhood, but it seems as that he had the wrong idea of what it took to actually become a man because of his poor decisions.
Many people have heard that having a gun makes you a man, so Dave believes that purchasing a gun would help him become one. The gun represents power, masculinity, independence, and respect, which are all things that Dave wants. The idea of owning a gun is David’s outlet, a way to quickly become more powerful and manly. The feeling of having a gun in his possession was to prevent others around him from looking at him as just a little boy. With the gun, Dave felt invincible, as if no harm could come his way and as if he is on top of the
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Responsibility is a huge characteristic for an adult, and he was handling his responsibilities by working for Mr. Hawkins. Once David has the gun, he become very irresponsible by lying to his mother and shoot Mr. Hawkins 's mule. The death of the mule limits Dave, because now he has to work to pay off the mule. At the end of the short story Dave jumps on a train and leaves the country town and leaves his responsibilities behind. Dave seems to be moving backwards instead of forward with becoming a man because a man would handle his responsibilities instead of running away from them so that is where the title comes in. Dave was almost a man because he was working and handling responsibilities, but after he purchases the gun he kills the mule he has to work to pay for it and instead he runs away. He was becoming a man but he ran away and now is only a boy. Since he ran away from his responsibilities by jumping on the train, he will now have to grow up a lot faster than he expected. The title expressed how the only thing or person that was preventing Dave from becoming an actually man was himself. He lacks a lot of maturity in this story so it results in bad judgement and many poor choices, which shows that Dave has a lot to learn on his own

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