Dave Johnson Case Study

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Dave Johnson: Dave’s dreams of playing baseball in the big leagues were cut short by a severe injury in his rookie year. When his dreams are sidelined, he pours his love for the game into young boys as a little league coach. He also runs a small business as a contractor. With both Clarice and her mother blaming David for everything that 's gone wrong in their marriage, he seeks refuge in the young boys of his baseball team.
Clarice Clark-Johnson: The injury that devastates a professional sports career for Dave leads Clarice to being the breadwinner for the family. She is a real estate agent with a very strong drive to succeed. Her career is her main focus. Dave desperately wants to start a family and Clarice doesn 't. The couple got into
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Mary moved in with the couple and begin to challenge Dave’s authority in the household. Dave finds a sympathetic ear and possibly more with the physical therapist who comes to treat her.

Education: N/A

Work History:

Clarice Johnson works as a Real-estate agent. Dave previously played professional baseball and got a severe injury in his rookie year. Dave has a contracting business and also works as a part time little league basketball coach.

Marital and Other Relationships:

Dave and Clarice are married. Mary is separated from her husband.

Mental Status:

Everyone is engaged in normal behaviors. They appear to be in a sound state of mind.

Assessment Instruments Used/Results: N/A

Legal/Ethical Concerns:

Dave’s extramarital affair with his wife’s Physical Therapist.

Cultural Issues:
Mary has some covert reservations about White females.
Summary Impression:
The couple is currently dealing with physical temptations, financial pressures, and emotional challenges that threaten their relationships.

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passivity and Clarice’s internal struggle of pride vs submissiveness; lost sight of reasons for marriage. Teleological Lens: Dave wants children, but Clarice doesn’t; Dave’s semi-passivity serves to protect the marriage. Clarice’s stubbornness serves to protect her success; conflicting goals and motivations cause problems in the marriage. Sequences Lens: Triangulation of Mary and Clarice against David; Work dictates daily living; crises and transitions are handled by turning to others. Organizational Lens: The family’s leadership is unbalanced. Developmental Lens: David and Clarice are having trouble moving out of the newlywed stage, because Dave is emotionally and cognitively ready for children, and Clarice is not. Multicultural Lens: Clarice and Mary’s passion for female independence causes trouble in the family. Gender Lens: Clarice’s dominant role in the family causes some marital strife. Process Lens: David and Clarice are having trouble coping with the demands of life and
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