Date Rapy: Common Drugs And Effects Of Date Rape

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I’m assuming that you 've all heard of date rape? Apart from knowing what the physical side of rape is, there are many students who aren 't aware of the facts in depth of what really happens in these circumstances. So today I’m going to briefly talk about this. I‘m sure you’ll all agree with me that it’s quite scary at any time learning about date rape, but so much worse if you become a victim. No one wants to be a victim, so it’s important that we know about the drugs used and furthermore, what to do if you become a victim.

To know what the definition of date rape really means knowing about the type of drugs commonly used these days in date rape and what they do to your body, and being aware of what a victim of date
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It happens involving some sort of power and control by the perpetrator.

Now that you know what date rape is, I 'll talk about what common drugs are used in date rape.

There are three main drugs used in date rape. state Rohynpol is the main drug used. It 'd nickname is 'Roofies '.

1a) The effects of this drug take around 30 minutes to work and can last for several hours.

b) If you someone has used this drug on you, you could just look like a very intoxicated or drunk person. This drug can also make you pass out completely.

c) Rohynpol doesn 't have any taste at all and can easily be mixed into something you 're drinking such as an alcoholic drink. It mixes well in soft drinks too.

GHB is the next most common one state 's

2a) This drug is known to only take 15 minutes to get into your system and take effect, lasting as much as 3 to four hours.

b) A really small amount of it can have a huge effect on your system, making it easy to overdose on.

c) It 's one of those drugs that is easily made by people on the streets.

d) It 's concoction can cause serious problems like loss of consciousness, tremors and dizziness, difficulties with breathing and even

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