Database Memorandum

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Database Memorandum

I wanted to review the database tools we have at our disposal and explain what each is used for, when each is appropriate, and some improvements that we are pursuing to makes these tools easier to use and more powerful. For the sales organization there are three database options available to us; Hyperion®, Access®, and our most widely used tool, BusinessObjects by SAP.


This database is least understood by the sales team because Hyperion® is only used to gather financial data (Pinnacle Titan Technology Partners [Titan], n.d., p. 1). As a sales team we only use it once a year for creating our annual sales and operating budgets. The system is not easy for us to use, because of its layout and duplication of data lines. However the database is designed to gather and generate reporting for corporate finance forecasting, tracking, and accurate reporting. This system generates everything from trial balances and audit reports, up through required reporting for Sarbanes-Oxley financial statements (Titan, n.d., p. 2). Therefore, while harder for us to use once a year, it meets many more financial requirements throughout the year.

In an attempt to make this system more user friendly for all of us, there are some changes that the management group have recommend be instituted. The duplicate line entry points are the most frustrating and problematic in the budgeting process. We have requested that the sales and margin values be separated by product grouping, and our program name so we can validate accurate forecasting and data entry. Because Hyperion® uses general ledger account numbers, we often have items budgeted to the wrong accounts. This creates problems in reconciling the budget and in some cases the err...

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... will enhance the tool for immediate needs while establishing an additional benefit for selling future services.

The database applications discussed bring value to our organization. We want you to be comfortable using each and knowing which you should use for a given application. At the same time these tools help us manage our business better we must take the appropriate steps to ensure that the data presented is complete and accurate for the intended purpose. Use of the tools will make you more proficient and will continue to bring value to you, your customer, and your company.

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