Database Management System Research Paper

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As Satzinger, Jackson & Burd (2010, pp. 488) states that a Database Management System (DBMS) is a “system software that manages and controls access to a database”. It is generally purchased and installed separately from other system software components. Examples of DBMS includes Microsoft Access, Oracle and Gemstone.

Satzinger, Jackson & Burd (2010, pp. 488) further states that DBMS “provide designers, programmers and end users with sophisticated capabilities to store, retrieve and manage data”. Sharing and managing the vast amount of data needed by a modern organisation simply would not be possible without a database management system.

DBMS consists of several components. Each component plays a very important role in the database management system environment. The major components of database management system are:

1. Software
2. Hardware
3. Data
4. Procedures
5. Users


The main component of a DBMS is the software. It is the set of programs used to handle the database and to control and manage the overall computerised database. This component manages or controls the ...
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