Database Design and Testing

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Database Design and Testing Assignment: Complete exercises 1-4. Exercises: 1. Recall the AVS scenario from previous assignments. Create an ER Diagram to represent the database design for this system. Include the entities, attributes, relationships, and cardinalities. Name a minimum of three attributes for each entity that you have identified. (20 points) 2. Examine the database entities shown in the figure below and then complete the following problem. (10 points) For each table pictured above, identify the primary key and the foreign key(s). If a table does not have a foreign key, write None in the assigned space provided. Use the following format to show your answers. TABLE PRIMARY KEY FOREIGN KEY(S) TRUCK TRUCK_NUM BASE_CODE TRUCK TRUCK_NUM TYPE_CODE BASE BASE_CODE NONE TYPE TYPE_CODE NONE 3. Quality assurance and testing occur throughout the software development lifecycle. Provide an example of a quality assurance or testing activity that occurs during each phase of the lifecycle. (For each phase, identify at least one QA or testing activity that occurs during that phase). (10 points) Planning: An example of a Quality Assurance activity during the Planning phase is “Coordinating Activities”. The Project Manager holds a weekly meeting of the entire team consisting of programmers and analysts working on a system to discuss any changes to the system that have arisen during the past week. Any issues that have come up are also discussed. These meetings keep the communication open and take a preventative approach to tackling issues before they occur. Analysis: One type of testing that occurs in the Analysis Phase is Unit Testing. This can be either a Black-Box or White-Box Test. This test ... ... middle of paper ... ...put Expected Output A customer chooses a video from the shelf and brings it to the checkout desk The customer has selected a video and goes to the checkout desk. The store clerk will start the checkout procedure. The store clerk/manager will ask the customer for their AVS card The customer will provide the store clerk with an AVS card. The store clerk will run the card through the system to check for overdue books and/or fines The system will notify the clerk of any holds if the customer has any overdue books or precious unpaid fines. Test Results: Date Pass/Fail Remarks 09/10/11 Fail The AVS card was rejected as the Customer had not paid his membership dues. 10/11/12 Fail The Credit Card on file of the customer has expired. Need a new form of payment on file. 11/12/13 Pass The customer has no unpaid dues or overdue books and is able to rent a video.

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