Database Administration Roles

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1.0 DBA Roles:
DBA plays important role in every organization, they are the core part of Technology Team, based on Organization DBA roles vary but majority of their role are very critical due to impact, Architect, Quality Analyst, System Analyst and Developers everyone has to work with DBA during different development life cycles. DBA skills are hard to find majority of organization prefer DBA which are certified, and certification for DBA are hard to achieve.
Organization Expectation from DBA:
- DBA should have good understanding of Database and its tools.
- Knowledge and good understanding of SQL.
- Database Back Up and Recovery.
- Database Utilization Management.
- Database Performance Tuning and Monitoring.
- Database Security Management.
Above are just high level skills set which is expected from all DBA’s, and majority of DBA roles are derived based on these skillset, below are few important roles performed by DBA.
Database Maintenance/Design: -
This is the core role of every DBA, the word looks simple but it involved lot of things as DBA admin, starting from installation to patching and scheduling all the activities will be performed by DBA. Apart from these they also have to evaluate new features in Database, manage operating system and database changes.

Database Backup/Restore: -
Organization never wants loose there information and they depend on DBA’s for this, DBA another important role is to Backup and Restore the data. Majority of the time scheduler like features used here to take Backup of database. Space management is also important at this step and archiving like process also performed by DBA. Restore process is not often used but this is one of important part of DBA role.
Database Security Maintenance: -
Data is very important and to keep it secure is more important, DBA has to make sure that database has enough security, they need to keep track of all database access activity and denied permission to unauthorized users. This also involves creation of new User roles, application role and maintenance of these roles.
Database Support: -
Database is hart of every application and to keep it running 24*7 monitoring is required, DBA team has to support this Monitoring and handle issues occurred during this time, Majority of organization divide DBA team in to 3-4 teams to support different application, all the details with timing are shared with application and whenever required they reach out to available DBA for that time frame.
Database Monitoring: -
DBA has to monitor Database for several reasons like production traffic, performance, volume, traceability and security. Production environment need continues second eye of pair to track Active Sessions, DBA has to keep track of all these active session using tools like 12C.
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