Data on Ethnic Concern of Crime and Adverse Consequences by David Eitle and John Taylor

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We often hear of Hispanics as being moochers of the system, criminals, the over takers of our beloved country, America. Some come illegally onto American soil for the idea of a new beginning, others come for reasons of various criminal activities; drug trafficking, violence and the all over fear of crime they put in the souls of others. In all honestly, are they the real reason Americans live with daily fear of metropolitan areas, anxiety of walking out their front door believing something horrific with occur between themselves and a Hispanic individual? The main questions raised within the social science research dwindles down to the thought of the role of racial and ethnic composition at the neighbored level shaping fear of crime as well as the exact role of respondent race and ethnicity. The important intersection of the respondent variations is another topic of discussion. Research has noted that the fear of crime has raised more questions than answers and it only continues to rise. Although the scientific theories are usually logically sound can the data David Eitle and John Taylor really back of the profound answers of ethnicity concern of crime and adverse consequences? Keep reading, the research of in depth details and observation data is to follow! Eitle and Taylor begin their research by discovering the background of fear as well as variations of debate for the topic. Racial theory and social disorganization become there two main finding points of background. To summarize, the racial theory is composed of the theoretical basis of it neighbored racial composition is a determinant of individual fear of crime or minority group threat theory. With the reasoning’s of the size of the Latino population along with the macro... ... middle of paper ... ...ckground differences will play a key factor. As the concluding statement of Eitle and Taylors mentions, if their finding have merit then they reiterate the challenge of integrating these urban dwellers in a rapidly changing world. This research points took me a bit of time to understand and comprehend I have never really broken down the thought of the Hispanic cultural being a threat but seeing them as illegal’s or moochers of the land. Yes, kind of harsh but it is my opinion however. I would agree with many of Eiltle’s and Taylors findings. I do believe that the crime rate is higher in minority’s levels along with areas occupied by the Hispanic culture. No, not all Hispanics are illegal or minority. Regardless of another’s race, I do occasionally catch myself feeling fear when in a lower class area or around a group of individuals not of my cultural background.

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