Data Mining In Business

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Introduction Data mining is the process of finding correlations or patterns among dozens of fields in large relational databases. In regards to the internet it is analyzing metadata from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information that is information that can be used to for monetary gain. As it stands, data mining is the “in thing” and it is extremely rampant and highly favored by the marketing departments of big companies; reason why it is favored is because custom and specific advertisements can now be presented to consumers who are genuinely interested. Data mining has removed the gamble that most businesses had before where the market was a huge cluster and instead provided a means to help target specific consumer bases that favor their product. Anonymity is clearly being threatened and diminished by such lewd acts of data mining. Companies are collecting and storing large amounts of metadata to process, and share information about millions of citizens who have different preferences regarding their privacy. This naturally raises a number of legal and technical issues that must be addressed to preserve citizens' privacy through the control of the information flow amongst different entities. It doesn’t help that Social giants Facebook and Google (through Google +) are requiring real names for users to effectively use their services. This real name initiative couple with geo-location facilities enabled on our mobile devices encourages and enhances data mining correlation; enabling businesses to build databases of information that help them in marketing. On one hand it is arguable that certain businesses i.e. lenders require at least some form of background information to effectively make a lending decision... ... middle of paper ... ...ty as well this means emails, searches on the web and any other metadata communication that came through the wireless network. While on a VPN since the web sites your online activities are unknown you achieve a state of anonymity i.e. metadata cannot be traced back to you. One author points out “many people use VPNs to help them bypass censorship and limits imposed on them by their government.” In conclusion “the Internet is rather like the “anarchy” of the English language. Nobody rents English, and nobody owns it. It’s up to you to learn how to speak English properly and make whatever use you please of it and you can use it to be connected with all the world.”( Pierluigi Cammarano) No one should regulate what can and cannot happen or who can and cannot access the internet, the concept of anonymity should not be thrown away and personal privacy should be respected.

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