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After the sale of a property, North Ridge ensures that their customers are satisfied with their product and service and that everything is functioning well by providing four comprehensive service calls in the first year of their possession. Also, as part of their Customer Care Program, they offer 24/7 emergency calls for services such as the heater not working on a -30 temperature in the middle of a winter night. New home owners may have little or no background at all in owning a house and they might be clueless on how some of the features or specifications works, so by providing this program, they can ensure that they are assisting them in every way possible even after sale. In this way, customers can feel that they can trust the company. In closing key accounts, the sales person that`s in direct contact with the customer and another employee that is just focused on explaining the closing process to the buyer is involved. This usually takes two to three hours to ensure that everything is covered and that they have explained it well to the new homeowner. After closing the account, t...

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