Daryl Rennerberg

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The salesperson that I will be studying or observing for this project is Daryl Renneberg, a sales consultant working for North Ridge Development Corporation. North Ridge Development Corporation is a division of North Ridge Group of Companies along with North Ridge Renovations, Presidential Custom Homes and North Ridge Realty. For over 30 years in business, North Ridge Development Corporation has been Saskatchewan’s “go to” builder and developer. It was started in 1982 by Wally Mah and Julius Calyniuk and the company has matured and grown many times ever since. Now with offices in Regina and Prince Albert, they successfully deliver the needs and wants of different types of market. The company’s vision is to provide a product that defines, promotes and inspires quality value in housing. Their philosophy is to build the best home that demonstrates quality craftsmanship and provides the best value for the homebuyer.
The company’s main areas of business include: single family residential construction, condominium development, land development, property management and residential and commercial renovations. The reason why I am interested in the housing industry is because, I believe that it is the most complex and challenging industry that a sales person can work with. The products being offered may be the most expensive investment that a person can make so excellent relationship with the customers or potential customers is crucial. I particularly chose Daryl to do my research on because of his extensive knowledge, experience towards sales and numerous awards that he has received over the course of his professional career. I know that I will be able to learn from him which then can help me decide whether I want to pursue a career in sa...

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...act as the medium between a company and the end consumer so it is really important that they know everything about the company and the products that they are offering. It is also a way of building up their credibility because they are capable of answering any questions that a customer might have. The system of how the company divides its projects is that a few of the salespeople have a specific project that they handle and focus on while some participate in team selling. Daryl, for example, specializes in selling single-dwelling family homes as well as the Water’s Edge II project of North Ridge which are luxury condominiums located along Saskatchewan Crescent. Because of the industry that the company is in, they prefer to use a consultative type of selling wherein they focus on determining the needs of the customers, satisfying it and building a good relationship.
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