Darwinism Is A Scientific Explanation

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Darwinism is a scientific explanation originated by Charles Darwin, which uses evolution to explain diversity on earth (Lennox). In its simplest explanation, Darwinism can be understood to be survival of the fittest. The concept behind this is that the fittest of a species will survive, often due to evolutionary advantages, leading to changes within a species to effectively adapt to the species’ environment. For example, a bird with a long bill is able to reach nectar in a flower. Due to this ability, the birds with the longest bills will survive, while those with shorter bills will not survive. Since the birds with the longer bills survive, they breed with other birds with long bills, leading to the bird’s adaptation to needing a longer bill in order to survive. Social Darwinism is the application of Darwin’s teachings outside of science, such as in biology, philosophy, religion, and politics, among other fields. While this connection may not seem to be applicable, the concepts of Darwinism can be found in many areas of society. As a result, social Darwinism has had a significant impact on the development of Western civilization simply because the concepts of Darwinism can be applied to society in the ways they can be. One way social Darwinism can be seen in modern society is through capitalism, particularly with a laissez-faire governance. It is also called a free market, and “[i]n a free market, each owner of a factor of production, whether it be land, labor or capital, will be paid what his contribution is worth provided that neither unions, government nor monopolists interfere with the free movement of the forces of supply and demand” (Tilman). In other words, capitalism is an economic structure in which the money an individ... ... middle of paper ... ...ion made in economics. If a country is not suited to what is going on in the world and able to adapt in the face of political threats, such as terrorism, war, or even global economic crises, the country is likely to experience turmoil and perhaps even be taken over by another country. Darwinism is a well-known explanation in scientific circles, and social Darwinism can be seen in many fields of study throughout the world. Specifically, social Darwinism can be seen in the economy, in ethics, and in politics. Through the examination of social Darwinism in these three areas, one can understand the significant role social Darwinism has had on the development of Western civilization and modern society as a whole. It may have originated as a scientific theory, but the concepts developed by Darwin show that it has far-reaching implications outside of the field of science.
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