Darwinism And Social Darwinism

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Darwinism is a scientific explanation originated by Charles Darwin, which uses evolution to explain diversity on earth (Lennox). In its simplest explanation, Darwinism can be understood to be survival of the fittest. The concept behind this is that the fittest of a species will survive, often due to evolutionary advantages, leading to changes within a species to effectively adapt to the species’ environment. For example, a bird with a long bill is able to reach nectar in a flower. Due to this ability, the birds with the longest bills will survive, while those with shorter bills will not survive. Since the birds with the longer bills survive, they breed with other birds with long bills, leading to the bird’s adaptation to needing a longer bill in order to survive. Social Darwinism is the application of Darwin’s teachings outside of science, such as in biology, philosophy, religion, and politics, among other fields. While this connection may not seem to…show more content…
For example, an animal who learns to hide from a predator in a tree has an evolutionary advantage over an animal of the same species who relies on running away from predators rather than hiding. This connection to Darwinism is not as clear as in capitalism, but there is still a connection between the two. According to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Today’s biologists would explain this as follows. Sociability is a trait whose phylogenetic origins can be traced back to the time when birds ‘invented’ brooding, hatching, and caring for young offspring” (Schroeder). These social traits then translated in the ability to more effectively care for offspring and manage in the environment. The ability to more effectively care for offspring and survive in the environment then allows the animal to survive against others of the
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