Darwinism And Darwinism

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“I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term of Natural Selection” (Darwin). This was the theory put out by Darwin after quite some time in the Galapagos Islands to describe evolution. This theory was then applied to humans to explain superior races. This theory is called Social Darwinism and can be applied to explain politics and the effects it has on society. For the most part, the first political empire was the Roman Empire in 117 CE. Since then, politics has progressed and as well regressed. Politics has become more advanced, but major problems still remain. The major problem that is still associated with politics is corruption. Corruption is when the political leader takes advantage of or exploits its citizens or economy. This is very evident one hundred years ago as it is today. Darwin’s original theory explains the effect certain traits have on a species which makes it more useful and gives the species more chances to survive and pass its useful variations on to other species. Similarly, Social Darwinism applied Darwin’s theory to sociology and politics. It explains how the rich see their wealth and power increase and the poor just become more underprivileged. This theory was never intended to be applied to humans however, a 19th century philosopher developed the term survival of the fittest to explain socioeconomic status and politics. Darwin theory of natural selection and Herbert Spencer’s theory of survival of the fittest not only explains evolution, but it also can be used to explain modern day politics and how they affect society. They can explain how a political leader is made and how they can be corrupted which can lead to political unrest. First, Darwin’s ... ... middle of paper ... ...ince the Roman Empire in 117 CE. Politics have both evolved to have more advanced ways of governing a country, however they still have some of the basic traditions and difficulties that occurred in the Roman Empire. The government expanded to have large assemblies with congress and parliament. However, leaders of a government can still become corrupt and exploit its economy and citizens. Therefore, Social Darwinism can be applied to explain politics and states how it can affect society. A politician is chosen based on their ideas and their political and personal history. The citizens of a country chooses its leader. In a democracy, the citizens vote for their leader based on his or her policies and ideas. Relating this to Darwinism, the leader who gets voted in has the best characteristics or traits. This makes them able to go on and succeed or evolve in society.
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