Darwin Essay On Evolution

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The theory of evolution is a very interesting and controversial topic. The reason why I chose this theory is because it helps explain how humans evolved over time and that we share a common ancestor with an earlier primate. Although many religious individuals don’t quite believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution its still rather fascinating. The theory of evolution is “A Change in the genetic composition of a population during generations, as a result of natural selection acting on the genetic variation among individuals and resulting in the development of new species” (The Science of Evolution).

Charles Darwin was born in the United Kingdom on February 12th, 1809. He was an English naturalist and geologist and attended Cambridge University along with Edinburgh medical school. (Timeline of the life of Charles Robert Darwin). In 1859 Charles Darwin published “on the origin of species” submitting his Theory of evolution by natural selection. In 1871 Darwin’s second book on evolutionary theory “the decent of man and selection in relation to sex” focuses on human evolution and sexual selection. (Timeline of the life of Charles Robert Darwin). In 1882 Darwin suffered from heart disease along with heart failure and later died. Prior to the 1930’s Darwin’s theories were not fully accepted by other scientists due to the lack of evidence and the time frame this all took place. By the 1940’s scientists began realizing Darwin’s research was accurate and he was right about evolution all along. He was honored by hundreds of scientists on the fiftieth anniversary of his first book. They all agreed that Darwin’s theories of natural selection, population genetics, and environment are the basic parts of evolution.

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...weakness would be the possibility of error in scientific evidence, which could happen in any type of study. Although highly unlikely but still possible is the errors that Darwin could have made when collecting data and analyzing it. He could have made inaccurate observations or such.

Lastly, after researching Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution I learned many things about evolution along with animal and human species. The most interesting is that we are said to have evolved from a species of chimpanzee. I believe that evolution has occurred and that Darwin proves that with his scientific evidence. The theory of evolution is a fascinating theory because we can relate to the findings by Darwin and understand what he was trying to prove for decades. He was an important contribution to learning about human and animal evolution, which is why I chose this theory.
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