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Darren Aronofsky, born February 12, 1969, is known for his American Films and collaborations with cinematographer Andrew Weisblum and soundtrack composer Clint Mansell. Aronofsky is probably best known for films involving graphic surreal scenes, without a doubt containing drugs, nudity, gore, sex and even sometimes all of the above. While the scenes and script are structured to make its audience’s stomachs drop, it’s the way they fulfill a complete story that makes the work of Darren Aronofsky so unique.

Films categorized as "psycho sexual" don't often make it to the big screens nor are they typically nominated for Academy Awards for Best Picture like Black Swan; films with a $60,000 budget like "Pi" rarely go on to make over $3,000,000 then put something together like "Requiem for a Dream" to rank among the best 'drug films' of all time by AskMen.com, DashboardCitize.com, TheMoveiGourmet.com, Ranker.com and TheTopTens.com.

Of Darren Aronofsky's seven films, not one would be considered anything less than bold. Starting with his début film, Pi (released with the name as a symbol), Darren was able to kick out a career of over twenty films for actor Sean Gullette in films with a budget of just over a half a million dollars and won the directing award for Best Drama. The film was shot in black and white and difficult to follow, which ironically is the way the main character Max’s life, played by Sean Gullette, seemed to be at all times.

Max is an extreme mathematical genius yet suffers from social phobias and mental illnesses, which make daily life complicated and to top it off he is constantly trying to make sense of the work through balancing equations.

The film often moves so fast it makes you sick putting yourself in Max's sh...

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...ttention to detail will launch him that much further into a successful career. It is a question that writers, film creators, musicians, and virtually all other artists have asked. How to create that which is genuinely innovative and forward thinking, yet will sell to the masses and reach a large amount of people. Darren Aronofsky somehow solves the riddle.

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